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13:00 ~ 14:00/11th. Sep. Cristal ballroom 2

 Openning Keynote speech

"Rossler"  World Heritage director's celebration message 


 14:00 ~ 18:00/11th. Sep.Cristal ballroom 1

 Special session  for  Unesco  Students  of  Jeju  


/11th. Sep.

Cristal ballroom3

Outstanding  Universal Value of   Korean Archipelago  Getbol   and  Cooperation with  Wadden Sea  World Heritage


/12th. Sep

Cristal ballroom3

Harmonized  management of  Muiti Designated   Areas


10:00/12th. Sep ~17:00/13th Cristal ballroom 1

The 7th  Conferences  of   WNIBR  


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