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Official Name : Jeju Island Global Geopark
2010. 10.1 Date of Designation
Designated sites : the Whole of Jeiu  Island
Title : Jeju  Volcanic  Island  and  Lava  Tubes
2007.7.2 Year of  Inscription
Area : 18,997ha(Core 9,605  ,  Buffer 9,392)
Sites Mt, Hallasan Natural Reserves, Seongsan

 Ilchulbong Tuff Cone, Geomunoreum Lava


Criteria : Outstanding scenic(vii) and geologic(viii) value
Title : Jeju Island  Biosphere Reserves
2002. 12.  Year of Designation
Area : 83,094ha(Core15,158, Buffer 14,601 Transition 53,335
Sites Mt. Hallasan, Yeongcheon Stream and Hydoncheon Stream, Seopseom, Beonseom

and Munseom


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